Tue. Jun 2nd, 2020

Benita Essien Turns Down An Advertising Job Worth N2.8 Million Because It Comes From Her Strong Admirer

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Nigerian Commercial Model and also an upcoming Nollywood Actress, Benita Essien has according to a linked whatsapp message, turned down an advertising job worth 2.8 million naira after a Nigerian man identified as Obiora who according to a report is her strong admirer, went all the way to convince his colleagues to accept Benita’s asking price of N2.8m.

According to a relaible source, Obiora is one of the distributors of Longrich Bioscience Company, the Multi-bliion Dollar International Company with the factory based in China, but has branches spread across the globe including Nigeria.

Longrich is known to be a strong and relaible networking Company which deals with healthy and beauty products, and their products have global accpetance due to the effectiveness of those products produced by the Company.

The Bioscience Company is a firm that financially rewards her investers on weekly bases, and the amount individual earns on weekly bases depends on the level the person is. Some earn as much as N100,000, 200,000, 500,000, 800,000 and even above a million or 5 million on weekly bases. And not only that, some are entitled to travelling awards as well was car loan or house loan worth 10-25 million naira.

For any Longrich partner to enjoy such a great financial rewards, such person needs a strong and effective downliners to push him/her to that level. It was because of that, some group of 5 distributors including Obiora came together with their financial resources in order to push for a billbaord advert, thereby attracting interested longrich partners to join the Company via their team.


After Agreeing to pull their finances together for the advert, Obiora was given the task of scouting any face model including a known celebrity who could be used for the advert, because Obiora is familiar with many celebrities due to his nature in Nollywood. Therefore, Obiora who never met Benita before opted for her according to one of the group members.

After Obiora was able to get across to Benita, the popular Amaka on airtel TV advert said the last price she would collect for the job was N2.8m. Apart from Obiora who was adamant, the rest of the group rejected her asking price, that the las price they would pay her is 2 million naira, that eventhough sha has worked for airtel they cannot pay her more than 2 million naira.

It was however said that due to Obiora’s admiration towards Benita and her career, he was on head bent by telling the rest of his colleagues to meet up with her asking price of 2.8m. It took Obiora a whole week to convince his colleagues to accept her demands. After they have all agreed to pay her the 2.8m, then Obiora called her to inform her that they have agreed to meet up her demands, she did not pick her calls, then Obiora reportedly sent a whatsapp message to inform her that her price has been accepted, only Benita to reply Obiora that she has passed the job, without given any professional reason.

An effort to reach out to Benita to know if indeed she turned down such lucrative offer with no proffessional reason proved abortive as she did not pick her calls. But we were able to get across to Obiora, he said;


“indeed Benita turned down the job after i went far for the whole week to convnce my fellow colleagues to accept to pay the 2.8 million naira she demanded for” he futher added that he did all that for her because he really admirs Benita a lot with her career. That even if Benita wanted 3 million naira, she would have been paid.

“If Benita wanted 3 million naira, I would have still convinced my colleagues to pay her that amout, becuae i like her above every other female celebrities” He said.

When he was asked that, could it be that Benita turned down the offer after suspecting his intention towards her, Obiora said;

“ I do not think so, i asked her could the reason for turning this job come from me? She replied no. I tried to get her reason but she did not give me any reason even a professional one.

“I really cannot judge  Benita wrongly for turning such offer down because everyone has any right to turn any offer down even if such offer worth billions of US Dollar. And this dissapointment i got from her side will not still stop me from addmiring her and indirectly influencing her career positively.” Obiora maintained.

Below is the screenshot of the linked whatsapp message;

Benita Essien Turns Down An Advertising Job Worth N2.8 Million Because It Came From Her Strong Admirer
Benita Essien Turns Down An Advertising Job Worth N2.8 Million Because It Came From Her Strong Admirer
Benita Essien Turns Down An Advertising Job Worth N2.8 Million Because It Came From Her Strong Admirer

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