Wed. Aug 5th, 2020

India Reported Nearly 10,000 New Coronavirus Cases On Thursday,

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India has recorded close to 10,000 new cases of Coronavirus on Thursday with health services in the worst-hit cities of Mumbai, New Delhi and Chennai swamped by the rising infections, according to the Associated Press.

India’s figure has reached 286,579 confirmed cases, the fifth highest in the world, with 8,102 deaths, including 357 in the last 24 hours.

The shocking report comes as the government moved ahead with the reopening of restaurants, shopping malls and places of worship in most of India after lockdown of more than two months. Subways, hotels and schools remain closed.

The actual infection numbers are thought to be higher because of limited testing.

French news agency AFP visited the Max Smart Super Speciality Hospital in New Delhi, one of India’s top private hospitals, where every bed was reportedly occupied by coronavirus patients, and fear was building that worse is still ahead.

“We don’t know when this is going to peak,” Dr Deven Juneja told AFP during a pause from his rounds. “All of us are hoping for the best, but we are mentally and physically prepared for the worst.”

Juneja stated that the surge had started to be felt over the past few days, with an increase in the number of people looking for a bed.

“That has definitely increased the load on us. We want to get our patients well as soon as possible and try to create more beds for our patients,” he stated.

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