Sat. May 30th, 2020


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It almost turned out to be a great tragedy yesterday at somewhere in Badadry area of Lagos state, as a young man who is an architect by profession attempted to take his own life after he returned from his Church which is owned by his Father at 5 pm on Thursday Feb 20 2020.

When Globalreportre visited the scene of the incident, immediately he returned from Church, he locked himself inside room, wrote a suicide note to his Mum, asking whosoever he has offended to forgive him, he as well posted it on Facebook.

When returned from the Church after locking the whole doors and windows, he tied himself to a ceiling fan, took a substance but luckily it was not sniper. Fortunate for him, his wife returned home on time from the same church because they both went to church together, then she cried out to the neighbors who came,broke the door and windows before he was rescued.

When Globalreportre asked why he wanted to kill himself, the man who’s parents are still alive and doing very well, living in a separate house built by his Father told the globalreportre that he was suffering. However, thanks to God, the young man who has two months baby boy was saved from committing suicide.

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